XML Mapping with Word and SharePoint, part 2

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In this screencast, program manager Amani Ahmed demonstrates how to create a Word 2007 template which can transfer data seamlessly to and from a SharePoint document library using content controls. See also Part 1 of this demonstration with Travis Ratnam.

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The Discussion

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    I found this to be a very useful video.  What I'd really like to do is got the other way around.  I have a Sharepoint list of items that I spit out into a Word Template (without using the export tool).  So maybe the NEW button has a template that 'retrieves' all the lines of existing properties from the entire Sharepoint list into a SINGLE word or excel document (based on a template that I define).  Do you have any idea how that could be done without code?

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    depending on what you are meaning, could you not "print" the list, for its content, or use a utility such as the many codeplex ones for list properties??

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    By the way, here is a great tool (with source code) in case you need to generate documents on the fly from any list and info path form library.

    Supports any word template:


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    it seems the link to the video got nuked?

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    Yeah, I can't make heads or tails on where the link would be either...  I even got my 5th grader to look for it...  So the designer must be smarter than the 5th grader, I guess...

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