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This is a screen cast recording of Office Live as a platform for developers to build on and customize. 

The topics covered include:

What is Office Live?
Opportunity for partners to build on the platform

Customizing the Private Site
Office Live Business Applications and Workspaces
Developing Custom Applications (Business rules, Data, etc.)
Data Connectivity
Customizing with SharePoint Designer

Customizing the Public Site
Customizing with Site Designer and Page Editor
Data sharing across private and public site

Integrating with Office applications
Integrating with Smart Client applications
Client side mashups (Virtual Earth, Office Live Web Service APIs)

Warning: this recording contains PowerPoint Slides as well as a short demonstration of a customized Office Live site.  The slides were necessary to introduce some core concepts and diagrams.  If PPT slides hurt your eyes then consider yourself warned Smiley

Duration: 31:57



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The Discussion

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    This looks like fantastic stuff.  (Sadly the organisation I am currently attached to has only just upgraded to Office XP so al I can do for now is play ...)
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    Hi Ian,

    You don't need Office 2007 to use Office Live.  You get some cool integration of features like two way sync with Outlook Calendar and Task items, but you can use Office Live stand alone too...


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    I'm interested in this video, but it doesn't seem to be availible. Can you post a direct link?
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    What's the best way to create a web form in Office Live?  Is there something like an InfoPath Forms Server or Office Forms Server in Office Live?  I just watched the video and see that my question is answered there.  Is there a more in-depth tutorial about how to make that Northwind Inn form work?

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