Demystified Series: AzMan on Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” and Windows Vista

Play Demystified Series: AzMan on Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” and Windows Vista

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    Are there any samples that show how to extend azman to include selecting users from adam(as shown in your video).  For some reason even when I enter a sid into azman through vbs (following some examples from the azman team blog) I get the sid to enter but the account is unknown in azman even  when trying it on win2k8 server june ctp (which it looks like was used on the video).  Having unknown accounts to show up instead of bob or mary doesn't really help that much.

    I was just wondering if you could point me into the right direction. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Will the new API and speed enhancements be available to non-Vista clients?  I cannot find a download for the new runtime.
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    If most users have Windows XP, can we use this new feactures? What I have to change in my .Net projects?
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    Rene Incer

    I want to migrate an Application Roles, Tasks, etc, to another Adam Store in another server. Here is my case:


    Application Name:  AppDemo

    Store Name: StoreDemo

    Instance Name:  InstanceDemo

    Server:  Development



    Application Name:  App

    Store Name: Store

    Instance Name:  Instance

    Server:  Production


    Idea here, is to develop software in a sever and migrate this when It is finished. I tried to use Ldifde, and another tools, but is so difficult to use them, and i think it can  not be done whit these tools.


    It is amazing things that can be done in Visual with AzMan authentication. Roles, Operations, Tasks!! But i want a better tool to migrate between Servers, Between AdamStore or Application.


    What do you recommend?

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