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The Demystified Series is pleased to present a collection of screencasts on Windows Authorization Manager (AzMan). Keith Brown, a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine and co-founder of PluralSight, states that this series provides, “…what may be your first look at Authorization Manager – a hidden gem in Windows that can help you build Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) into your applications.” I trust you will discover this statement to be true for yourself as well.

In this “Getting Started with AzMan” session, Keith highlights the difference between Discretionary Access Control and Role-Based Access Control. He then touches on the benefits of “externalizing” your authorization policy where it can be managed by an administrator rather than hard-coding it into your application. And finishes out the session by demonstrating the AzMan GUI, describing the concepts of AzMan Roles, Tasks and Operations and showing a Windows PowerShell Cmdlet that manipulates the AzMan policy via its API.


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