Create a Simple .NET Application on Docker

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This is a quick tutorial for creating a very simple .NET application on Docker.



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    Kanye West

    Great introduction to getting up and running with containers, but using the command line to edit a project is overkill and unrelatable.

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    @Kanye West: You're right...  there are other tools that allow folks to edit a project, but those tools are actually built on-top of the dotnet command-line tool.

    This is intended as an intro for someone who knows containers already and wants to try out the dotnet tools without installing anything else.

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    That's a great video. Often I find people thinking of containers being these magic units of deployment out on some server. So this is a great way to visualise that a container is just another machine and that it can be used like any other machine.

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    Very helpful, thanks Jeff!

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