Get Started with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Core

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This is a quick tutorial for getting set up with Visual Studio and .NET Core.




Hello, this is a video tutorial for

getting set up with Visual Studio

and .NET Core to write cross

platform apps, let's get started.

First, go to your browser and

search .NET Core.

The .NET Core download page will

be one of the first results.


I'm going to first take you

through downloading Visual Studio,

don't worry I'll speed it

up with movie magic, and

you guys should totally

take the survey.

I'm not going to because

everyone would steal my answers.

Go ahead and

click on the .exe and click Run.

So Visual Studio and Visual

Studio Code are very different.

While Visual Studio Code is

a lightweight cross-platform

source code editor, and

I'll select the default settings.

Visual Studio is the integrated

development environment,

the mothership, the fully

featured developer experience for

C sharp, visual basic and F sharp.

So the visual studio

install is finished.

Now let's download .NET Core.

Go back to the install page and

click on .NET Core tools install.

I'll fast forward through this one,

too, even though it is super fast.

And don't forget to read

through the license agreement,

because somebody takes

the time to write those.

All right, now let's start our first

.NET Core project in Visual Studio.

So go ahead and

launch Visual Studio.

And I'm gonna go

with the blue theme.

Now, click on New Project

on the Start page.

And I'll select .NET Core

under the C# drop-down.

And I'll make a console application,


wait for it to start up, okay.

There we go.

Now who wants to see Kendra

fail editing videos?

Wait for it.

There it is.

Anyway, I'm going to make

a console app that prints,

it's a brave new

cross-platform world.

And I'll add a Console.ReadLine.

And I'll run it. Cool.

So that's what it looks like

on Windows.

Now I'm actually running Windows

on an image in parallels.

So let's see that same DLL file that

I just generated execute on my Mac.

All I need to do is navigate to

my DLL in my shared folder and

type dotnet consoleapp1.dll,

cuz that's final name it generated.

So that's the dll file that made

with Visual Studio on Windows that

can run cross platform.

I swear there are some people

watching this video who just

went, that's what .NET Core does!

That's fantastic!

This is for those people.

Thanks for watching.



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    Nice tutorial. Good job!

  • User profile image

    Well for recap, I open CHROME and I search in GOOGLE : VS.
    For the rest, good job! Nice tutorial.

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    good and easy :)

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    Why are you using Chrome browser, search in Google in this video? While you are advertising one of our Microsoft products, apparently our Edge browser and Bing search engine are getting ignored. It is inappropriate to put such videos on Microsoft's official web site.

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    ^ LOL :D Wait until you see the one about running on Ubuntu.

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    @Tao: The rest of us don't miss 90's microsoft haha
    You might also enjoy this channel9 video featuring chrome.

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    @KelsonJBall:@bleroy:LOL :D

    @Tao:We don't need to be loyal to the Microsoft stack just because we work here. We should use the products that make us the most productive developers and we encourage our customers to do the same. That's what this whole cross-plat and open source transformation is about. I use google because it's search results tailor to the needs of a developer incredibly fast and I love chrome because I can have the same browser experience across Mac, Windows, and Linux. I've had problems with bing and edge as a coder, but I will continue to try them out every so often because I know those teams are working competitively to better their product. It's a brave new world. :)

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    You are so sweet, Kendra.

    Thanks for creating the video :)

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    @Kendra Havens


    I see difference in file and project type system generated in VS2015 and 17. In 2015, I still see project.json and .xproj type, although I have installed latest of 2015 updates and core tooling for that as well.However, VS2017RC and cli is giving .csproj type. Why there is inconsistency?



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    @rahulsahay19: Good question! We explain it all in a blog post on MSBuild and project.json. tl;dr Project.json was great for building cross-platform web applications and class libraries, but as we kept expanding .NET Core we wanted to be able to share code across all of the .NET application models (WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET, iOS, Android, etc.). Using MSBuild (which creates a .csproj) is the best way for us to do it.

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    Good :P

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    Hi Kendra,

    I thought Visual Studio Code was the only Visual Studio for Mac and the last editor and IDE that we would ever need. But I have just learned about the Visual Studio 2017 for Mac...

    I am confused now! Could you please tell me which one is the closest to the actual MS Visual Studio? I am having trouble with my dotnet, so I cannot just experiment with them both.


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    @Henny: Hey, sorry for taking so long to respond! VS for Mac is definitely closer to Visual Studio than VS Code is. VS Code is just a light-weight cross-platform source code editor. VS for Mac is definitely an integrated development environment that gets more features with every release. I recommend both. VS Code is great for light-weight code edits. VS for Mac has more convenient features for more involved developing. 

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    VS Code send a virus into my pc

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    Hi @hamid. Where did you download your VS Code installer. I am pretty sure its not the installer that brought virus to your pc.

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    @hamid - it's a code editor, so YOU sent the virus into VS code if you opened one!

    Don't mind Chome on the demo, while most demos should be IE/edge it's good to see a common browser being used to show MS are part of a wider community. ;-)

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    Rodrigo Caballero

    Great video, nice example, beautiful speaker

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    Hi Kendra,

    Great tutorial, Please make a tutorial series on getting started on .net core development for beginners or recommend any.

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    @Saad:Hi there Saad! 


    For folks completely new to programming I recommend this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy. It goes over the basics of learning C#.

    For developers who are already familiar with C# and programming basics and want to learn about .NET Core coolness specifically I'd watch this video with Scott and Maria where they dive into ASP.NET Core. A few of the commands they run have changed in the past sdk release, but its a great intro.


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    Usman Zeb

    Thanks a lot, you saved my whole day and a lot of efforts.

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