Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on macOS

Play Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on macOS


This is a quick tutorial for getting started with C# in VS Code on macOS Sierra with .NET Core!



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    Great teacher in real.

    I'm not a MAC user, just wish in your future tutorials to use the same `code` try the same code and build the same app (in all OSs: Windows/MAC/Linux/Docker, ..)

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    Can Mac usually actually program? Without someone holding their hand? Amazing ;)

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    When will we have the tutorial for Linux?

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    Good instructional video but I wasn't so keen on the tone/level of the delivery. Felt at times like the video was aimed at children.

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    @Goatie The delivery was light hearted - programming doesn't have to be poh-faced and reverential, we have enough people to fill those posts :)

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    @Goatie, @mjjj: Especially in an introductory video. I think the tone was great, very casual, and got the point across :D

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    Interesting difference in the compile time compared to your previous video on Windows.  0.89s on Mac vs 2.99s on Windows. You should've put in some Thread.Sleep's for Mac ;)

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    They're not even real glasses! Got to say, the hipster look brought me to the video (hipsters on VS Code?!? What???).

    Great tutorial :)

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    This is great Kendra, Hope to see Linux guide as well :) .... Thanks for the video !

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    Jigs Bautista

    Hi Kendra, question, can we compile full .net MVC project in this platform as well? Thanks in advance.

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    @Aeglen:@dsrajapaksa:The Linux tutorial should be up this week! Hopefully tomorrow, but no promises.

    @Jigs Bautista:Yes link!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! 

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    Great video.  A great change of pace !!!!   Worked perfectly for me.  Linux is next, thanks.  :)

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    I thought your tutorial was outstanding. Your personality is way too cute.

    For all of those bozo's that commented otherwise. You can kiss my azz.



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    Hi Kendra Havens.

    I have a question. How to integration VS Code with Unity on Windows? Thank you! :) 

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    Is a certain version of Mac OS needed?

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    Great video, going to use it to entice my pun-lovin' 14 year old to learn c#! 😁

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    Logan Gilley

    That was the best intro video I've ever seen! That pun though :)

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    @VinaDev:I haven't run through this tutorial myself but try this out! Let us know if it is easy to understand too! We look at all the feedback on those pages.

    @Ryan:Yes, this tutorial is on macOS Sierra, El Capitan (10.11) works too!

    @Stephen:That makes me so happy!


    Everyone: Thanks for the positivity! (a)  If you are interested in more content from the .NET Team, Bertrand and I do live shows every Thursday at 10 AM PST. Check out the fun times! You can even tweet questions at us live.

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    This tutorial was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! I tried to get this running without this first and I missed a few really important steps that you covered in the tutorial that were missing in the directions. 

    Thank you! Very helpful. perfect. I also laughed so hard over the jokes. Thanks for that too. 

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    @Jigs Bautista:Yes you would compile a mvc project.

    $> cd

    $> mkdir myProject

    $> cd myProject

    $> dotnet new -t web

    So the full project mvc core will be created





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    Hello Kendra, 

    The way you speak is simply gorgeous.(And you always cover every detail about particular topic as well)

    I am fan of your tutorials.

    Thank you :)

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    Funny and full of knowledges. Thank you!

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    The joke at the beginning got me more than it should :P

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    Hi Kendra,

    I've watched your tutorial several times over but I have one issue. When I write any dotnet commands into the terminal, I get a return message saying "command not found".

    Any recommendations?

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    @Steve: It sounds like dotnet did not install properly on you machine. This issue on github helped a lot of macOs Sierra users. There are many helpful issues on GitHub I would suggest browsing (because our community is awesome). If that still doesn't work let me know!

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    When trying to run the debugger, I get: "The .NET CLI tools cannot be located. .NET Core debugging will not be enabled. Make sure .NET CLI tools are installed and are on the path."

    Any ideas?

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    You  are so cute! hope to see more videos, Thanks so much!

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    @Sandra: Do you have any previous version of .NET sdks installed? This issue on GitHub describes a similar problem. Let me know if this helps.

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    A while ago, I successfully installed vscode and all its prerequisites and requirements to be able to run C# on a mac, by following this tutorial.

    But then I uninstalled it... Now, I am trying to install it again by following the same instructions, though when I go for .NET Core and openssl, the following situation arises:

    The first Terminal command goes well:

    ~$ brew update

    However, the second one throws a warning:

    ~$ brew install openssl

    I cannot seem to find a fix for this by searching, at least related to vscode:

    Warning: openssl is a keg-only and another version is linked to opt.
    Use `brew install --force` if you want to install this version.

    What is happening here? Should I do the force option? Does it mean I already have this installed from a while ago that I took the same step?

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    I laughed so hard at the intro because I have that EXACT outfit on, amazing. You nailed it. Got everything up and running, thanks Microsoft <3

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    So we have to compile and projects manually at the command line?

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    I'm not getting the prompt to add required assets. Any ideas?

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    Brett Eden

    What a great video. This comment was brought to you by my brand new iPad Pro. Cheers 🤘🏻

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    Nice,The voice is very female!!

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