.NET for UWP Part 4: Advanced CoreFX Topics

Play .NET for UWP Part 4: Advanced CoreFX Topics


Lucian Wischik concludes the .NET for UWP series with a deeper dive into CoreFX. Specifically, Lucian explores how the entire .NET Core is included in your UWP application as a set of NuGet packages with NuGet 3.0, and what that means for you as a UWP developer. Learn how to reference beta versions of .NET libraries in your application, learn how UWP applications are packaged both for debugging and for the store, and learn about some improvements we've made in Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 to reduce both the disc footprint and build time of your UWP application.


Part 1 - Introduction to CoreFX

Part 2 - Introduction to .NET Native

Part 3 - Advanced .NET Native Topics



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