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Most of the attention of cloud computing is focused on leveraging the elasticity and self-provisioning power of virtual machines in the "cloud," but what about your data?  Windows Azure has several options for hosting your data - Azure tables, Azure blobs, and SQL Azure - what do you use when?  And what if you have data privacy or governance requirements, and you don't think you're ready to trust your data in someone else's hands - do you write off the cloud completely?  (Hint: no!)

In this session Jim O'Neil, Developer Evangelist, takes you on a tour of the various data options and covers the capabilities as well as the 'sweet spot' for your data storage options.  If you'd prefer to jump right to your section of interest, fast forward the screencast based on the outline below:

[00:50] - The storage spectrum
[01:40] - Azure storage overview
[02:27] -     Blobs
[03:30] -     Demo: configuring your Azure storage account
[05:30] -     Demo: accessing Blob storage
[06:23] -     Tables
[07:23] -     Demo: viewing Table storage in VS 2010
[08:02] -     Demo: using the StorageClient API
[08:57] -     Queues
[09:59] -     Drives
[10:41] - Azure Storage vs. relational storage
[11:06] - SQL Azure
[12:32] -     Demo: accessing a SQL Azure Database
[14:38] - Cloud storage concerns
[15:00] - WCF Data Services
[15:54] -     Demo: creating a WCF Data Service
[20:11] -     OData
[20:51] - Wrap-up

For the slides for this and other Northeast Roadshow sessions, check out Code Gallery.



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