Northeast Roadshow: Introduction to Windows Azure

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This screencast with Chris Bowen is a brief introduction to Windows Azure from the developer's perspective.  Based on a session given for the Northeast Roadshow ("Windows Azure - What, Why, and a Peek Under the Hood") this walks through the essentials of the Windows Azure platform and how to develop Windows Azure applications.

  • Introduction
  • [3:52] Roles
  • [5:42] Instances
  • [7:16] Development Overview
  • [8:01] Getting the Tools, Web Platform Installer
  • [9:57] Demo - First Windows Azure Application
  • [14:44] Demo - The Cloud Service Project, Settings
  • [16:43] Demo - Running the Windows Azure Application, Developer Fabric UI
  • [19:38] Demo - Publishing & Deployment Options
  • [21:26] A Look at the Hardware Behind Windows Azure
  • [22:38] Windows Azure Architecture, Fabric, Fabric Controller
  • [24:06] A Deployment Example
  • [27:36] Storage Options
  • [29:43] Windows Azure AppFabric
  • [31:11] Pricing
  • [33:30] Resources & Conclusion 

Slides for this session, and other Northeast Roadshow sessions, can be found on the Code Gallery.



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