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At TechEd Europe 2012 I interviewed Alan Meeus, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Windows Phone, about the recent announcement of Windows Phone 8 and we discuss all of the new features for IT Pros / Enterprises.  More specifically:

  • [01:48] What does it mean for an IT Pro audience that the phone will be built on the same Windows Core as Windows 8?
  • [03:44] What is SecureBoot and Device Encryption and how does it work with Windows Phone 8?
  • [04:36] Is the USB storage encryption also included in the on-device encryption for Windows Phone 8?
  • [05:55] Can you enable on-device encryption with Windows Phone 8 through Exchange Active Sync?
  • [06:16] What are the ways in which we can manage Windows Phone 8?
  • [07:45] What does it take to setup a Company Application Hub for Windows Phone 8?
  • [09:45] Where and how can the application for the company hub be hosted / deployed / loaded?
  • [11:33] What should IT Pros be thinking about all-up with Windows Phone 8?
  • [12:49] What should an organization be thinking about regarding NFC?
  • [15:43] What are the differences in the way Windows Phone 8 implements NFC versus Google Android Phones?

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