PAX Part 2: More Gamers, Case Mods and Alex St. John

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Ah the Penny Arcade Expo 2006, I remember it well... watching Alex St. John light up a cigar on stage, finding the best case mod in the world based on a sentient kitchen appliance, and watching other people play Guitar Hero. Sampy, Tina and I had so much fun at PAX that it couldn't fit into just one video (or two for that matter, more are on the way), check out today's video to hear from some of the gamers waiting to play in the console tournament, to hear some snippets of Alex's keynote talk and to view some cool custom cases.



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The Discussion

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    Lovely, looking forward to seeing the full Alex St. John presentation.

    You know, I'm really digging the big 10 boom at the end of the video Smiley

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