Deploying Applications on Windows Azure

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Windows Azure features a very powerful, yet simple deployment model.  By focusing on your application and abstracting away the infrastructure details, you can deploy almost any app with minimal fuss.

Watch me show you how easy this is by using a cool list sharing and management application we built called 'myTODO'.  You can download the source for the app as well.

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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    This video is very fine! Very hands-on and useful.


    Unfortunately, as many other videos from Microsoft, the sound is extremely low. I had to download the file and reprocess it to increase the sound volume. You could check the sound volume of the videos before releasing them.


    Anyway, it was very well worth the trouble.


    Eduardo Quintana


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    Yeah lol! all their vids have very low sound, I wonder why Perplexed !

    But anyways, thanks a lot for the vids, they been very useful to me  Smiley

    Mohammad Hajjat

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    disappointed us

    I can not hear a thing. Eventhough I turn up the speaker suddenly the voice was small to vapourate.


    Microsoft never gets thing right with small things. How can I use the video when I cannot hear what they are discussing for?

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