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A key component of any cloud computing offering is durable storage.  Windows Azure provides 3 forms of durable storage: tables, blobs, and queues.  Join me as we explore the highlights of these 3 important implementations.

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The Discussion

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    Nice,   .... Lao Jack

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    Clicking the Full Screen button causes the video to crash.


    I'm using Internet Explorer 8.



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    How do i set the storage and bandwidth limit on Azure for deployed application?

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    @jigneshpandya - In general, you don't set limits.  That is, you have some limits like 100TB of total storage (blobs, tables, queues) per storage account (up to 5 accounts by default).  Are you asking something else?

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    I just viewed the video on concurrency, and I was puzzled by the "golden ticket" approach to avoiding concurrency issues. If obtaining the golden ticket from the golden ticket queue is a requirement to process the messages in the request queue, then what is the point of having multiple instances of the worker role other than for fault tolerance? It seem as though this paradigm ensures that only one worker role is processing something at any given time, so in terms of processing time for all messages in the queue, this would be far less efficient than having just one instance of the worker role process.

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    The whole issue with concurrency is to make sure that only one instance is processing the work.  The 'golden ticket' approach does not apply to work that can be done in parallel.  You would only use that approach when you wanted to ensure that something was done once and only once in an otherwise parallel environment.  Make sense?

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    Good video by the sound is just too quiet even when speaker sound it up all the way.

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    Good description, Thank you


    computerslookuplaptop video card


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    Hi there, anyone know if it's even worth contemplating writing a layer for Umbraco which will support Windows Azure Storage?  


    I don't suppose there's some "Storage Provider" that i can override?!  I know it's a long shot, but my goal is to utilise Umbraco inside a .NET 4 application in the Azure cloud.






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    I'm use Chrome, the best video resolutions

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