Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch

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Windows Phone 7 is here – and with it comes a new world of opportunity for passionate, creative developers. Windows Phone 7 gives you the power to build complex, robust applications using consistent hardware specs, a comprehensive development toolkit, and the all-new, full-service Marketplace for selling your apps. We want you to be ready to capitalize on this new frontier to get you up and running with Windows Phone 7 development. Stream or download these in-person event recordings today.

Session 1: Introduction to Windows Phone Development
Meet Windows Phone 7! We’re proud to introduce the innovative Windows Phone 7 platform and explain the philosophy behind its all-new user experience design.

Session 2: Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
Windows Phone 7 will launch with a fully loaded Marketplace and the opportunity for developers to sell or distribute their applications. Get all the details on how to navigate the certification process and publish your application – including updates.

Session 3: From Idea to Interactivity, Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 has a brand new interface paradigm called Metro that will delight end users. This session gives you a solid understanding of how XAML and the heart of all Silverlight and Windows Phone applications.

Session 4: Supercharge your Windows Phone 7 Apps with Microsoft Silverlight 
You’ve learned the fundamentals; now it’s time to dig a little deeper. This session focuses on building Windows Phone 7 applications with Microsoft Silverlight.

Session 5: Step Up Your Game with Windows Phone 7 and XNA
Microsoft XNA has been a favorite with game developers for many years. We charge full-speed into XNA to outline the basic Windows Phone model, explore its core device characteristics, and review the highlights of the XNA phone framework.

Session 6: The Power of the Cloud - Exploring Windows Phone 7 Services
Get ready to build more engaging user experiences with Windows Phone 7 and several powerful cloud-based and phone-based components.

The Discussion

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    Samaj Shekhar

    Event was really great..   Smiley

    It really mede me feel that even a C# beginner like me can start developing for WP7 without going for a new language like Objective-C or somthing....

    However i couldn't follow all of it.. (Network problems)    ....  Sad

    @emily gibson : can you tell me who all were the speakers there.. i would love to follow them on twitter (if they have one) ..

  • User profile image

    Hi Samaj- I tagged this post with the presenters but here are their names: Daniel Egan, Matt Thompson, Jason Campbell, Lino Tadros, and Kenny Spade.



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    Hi Samaj,

        In case you did not find mine... its @DanielEgan

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