Play ASP.NET MVC FireStarter: ASP.NET MVC and AJAX
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This is part of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC FireStarter event.  You'll get a quick tour of the framework, then peel back the layers and dive deeper into how it works. As part of that, we'll spend time discussing the design and development practices that lead to the creation of the MVC framework. By the time you leave, you'll have enough knowledge to get fired up and start building web applications on the .NET platform.

This video covers partial page updates, working with JSON, and the UX with client-side scripting.



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The Discussion

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    Foudn this a little hard to follow. The presenter goes from being ultra-basic (like what AJAX stands for) to a pre-configured setup with very little explanation. Also, just a couple minutes dedicated to her setup would be great and would make following the on-screen action a LOT easier. For instance: - What is she dragging form the toolbox on the left? I was trying to configure my Visual Studio Express to have that kind of a toolbox but couldn't figure it out. - What version/SKU of Visual studio is she using? I'm running Visual Studio Web Developer Express, is that kind of a setup even possible with my installation?

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