ASP.NET MVC FireStarter: Framework Fundamentals and Practices

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This video is part of the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC FireStarter event. You'll get a quick tour of the framework, then peel back the layers and dive deeper into how it works. As part of that, we'll spend time discussing the design and development practices that lead to the creation of the MVC framework. By the time you leave, you'll have enough knowledge to get fired up and start building web applications on the .NET platform.

This session gives you an understanding of C# 3.0 Syntax and its relation to the MVC framework.



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The Discussion

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    Hello Emily


    Your mvc videos serie is amazing!! Very Good Job Emily!!



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    Hi Hector—glad you enjoyed the videos.  FireStarter Events are created by Microsoft Developer and IT Pro Evangelists, I just help them promote the on-demand content.



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