All Data/All Day Dive into .NET Data Access (Part 2 of 6): A Closer Look at LINQ to SQL

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Watch recorded sessions from an in-person Microsoft event around .NET Data Access. This video takes a closer look at LINQ to SQL.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a robust development platform with an enriched ecosystem of tools, components and features enabling developers to enhance their skill sets and create compelling solutions. Learn about the flexibility that this Framework provides for accessing data in your applications.

Part 1: Introduction to LINQ
Part 2: A Closer Look at LINQ to SQL
Part 3: Intro to WCF Data Services and OData
Part 4: Getting Started with ADO.NET Entity Framework
Part 5: A Deeper Look at ADO.NET Entity Framework
Part 6: Azure Data Storage Options



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The Discussion

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    What alternative do you have for Take(...) en Skip(...) to prevent poor performance?

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    Raj Kiran Singh

    The resolution used to show the Visual Studio screens to illustrated coding is very poor, not able to see any text clearly.

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