Cloud Computing & Windows Azure Platform (Part 2 of 3): Storage Options

Play Cloud Computing & Windows Azure Platform (Part 2 of 3): Storage Options
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Durable data storage is a key component of any cloud computing offering. The Windows Azure Platform offers many options, which can be used alone or in combination. Windows Azure itself offers ready-to-use and lightweight storage in the form of tables, blobs, and queues. Another choice for storage is SQL Azure, a true relational database in the cloud. In this video we explore the highlights of these implementations and how to both create and use storage in each form. We give you guidance on choosing the right forms of storage for your application scenarios.

Watch this in-person MSDN Event on-demand and learn about:

  • Programming against table & blob storage
  • Working with queue storage
  • Scaling and configuration
  • Understanding SQL Azure databases versus local SQL Server databases
  • Database creation, deployments and migrations
  • Programming against SQL Azure databases



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