Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Firestarter (Part 1 of 5): Keynote, Intro to SOA & WCF

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Stop starting new projects with ASMX Web Services or .NET Remoting. Now that we have your attention, let’s get serious. These two technologies are so 2002! You need to start learning Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) if you haven't already. This is the platform for connected applications on the Windows platform going forward, and you know what? It's easier to use than you may think.
If you've been tinkering with writing basic services in WCF for a while but haven't dived into anything more advanced, watch these recorded WCF Firestarter event videos. You'll learn about best practices, the key features of WCF, REST, and Microsoft's new service bus and Windows Azure technology in Microsoft .NET 4.0.
This video is the keynote and introduction to SOA and WCF from this Firestarter event.

Part 1: Keynote, Intro to SOA & WCF
Part 2: Most Common WCF Usage Configurations
Part 3: REST Programming with WCF
Part 4: WCF Made Easy, Data & RIA Services
Part 5: What's New with WCF 4.0



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    The video and the audio on this presentation gradually become more and more offset as it proceeds, which is unfortunate.  Someone didn't think of setting their screen capture and audio capture rates the same...

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