Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 4 of 19): The Application Bar

Play Updated! Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 4 of 19): The Application Bar

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    I just wanted to write in and say THANKS!!!!! These videos tutorials are superhelpful, especially for an amatuer like me!



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    Using the Silverlight Gameloop in the video, how would you suggest pausing a game from app.xaml when the Rootframe.obscured event fires?

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    Where can I find session 10 demo files?  The links on SkyDrive seem to be missing it or showing a different session even though I'm clickon 10-12.

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    yes I would say thank you for these cool video tutorials. These videos are perfectly to give the us beginners a good overview of the possibilities from the new windows phone.
    Came from Flash/Flex/AIR Plattform, but I like the .Net possibillities more and more... Hope that the new mobile phone will be a big success!

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    Thanks for these videos. I came across this video on this site: https://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/catalog/article/wp7_jump_start, and it has icorrect title for this session (it says its about Game developement, but its about app bar :)).

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    Cool videos, but the linking between them is a total mess. This is where I ended when I clicked "Session 4: Building Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform". So where has that one gone ?

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    Session 4 -

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