Microsoft 10 Shoot (4-21-06)

The Discussion

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    Matthew Mushall

    You're right.  They are kind of dark and blury.  I recomend a slightly longer exposure if you're shooting without the flash, but Laura might turn out even more blurry considering how she likes to jolt about.  Tina, however, is the prime example of photographic behavior and female beauty.  Thanks again for the behind the scene pics.  Enjoy your Vacation.  Hakuna Matata.

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    "Lethal G3cko"

    Thanks for taking the photos.

    While it's disappointing that some of them are blurry, I know you tried your best. It was a great effort that I think paid off with some very good photos, actually.
    I don't know if these are the high-res shots or not, but they certainly have better lighting than the previous photos.

    I might be able to use a couple of photos for a wallpaper.

    Thanks again for the pictures. If you're planning on taking more pics, please do so=)

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    Rafael Nieves

    i luv behind the scenes scenes

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