To Video Blog in HD or Not?

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    Matthew Mushall

    I don't mind the lack of HD content at present, but I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional Microsoft 10 content available on Xbox live marketplace.  By content, I don't necessarily mean your daily segments.  You could offer themes or gaming segments, but I'd limit the segments available because they're likely to eat up a considerable amount of space on the cramped 20GB hard drive (only 13GB out of the box).

    I highly support video editing.  I'm not saying Microsoft 10 needs a theme song or title and credit sequences either, but editing refines the videos and makes them much more pleasant to watch.  I can understand the desire to keep the videos as original and uninterrupted as possible, but good editing really cleans up the presentation and makes the segments look professional.  I enjoy seeing the logo bar with a person's name come up on screen during a segment or the closing logo animation and "boom" at the conclusion.  That's my take on the subject.

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