To Video Blog in HD or Not?

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That IS the question at the Blog Business Summit.  Ok, they're talking about a lot of other things there too, but that one seems very interesting to me.

HD is something we've been talking about for quite a while, but haven't been working on it aggressively for some of the reasons mentioned in the blog entry I linked to.  It's still too early in my opinion.  One of the main reasons we want to do HD is to get some of our content up on Xbox Live Marketplace, where only HD video lives.  Here on the internet, bandwidth still seems to be the limiting factor.

How entries are edited is also mentioned in the article.  Our sister site, Channel 9, does pretty much no editing at all.  Here on 10, we do edit our videos to help with the presentation, but even here, we DON'T do a TON of editing.  The focus on both sites is the content and the people, not the video style.

It was really interesting reading that article as it went very much against the presenters and I tend to agree.  What do you all think?  What are the advantages of HD content at this point?  What about how much videos are edited or not?



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    Matthew Mushall

    I don't mind the lack of HD content at present, but I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional Microsoft 10 content available on Xbox live marketplace.  By content, I don't necessarily mean your daily segments.  You could offer themes or gaming segments, but I'd limit the segments available because they're likely to eat up a considerable amount of space on the cramped 20GB hard drive (only 13GB out of the box).

    I highly support video editing.  I'm not saying Microsoft 10 needs a theme song or title and credit sequences either, but editing refines the videos and makes them much more pleasant to watch.  I can understand the desire to keep the videos as original and uninterrupted as possible, but good editing really cleans up the presentation and makes the segments look professional.  I enjoy seeing the logo bar with a person's name come up on screen during a segment or the closing logo animation and "boom" at the conclusion.  That's my take on the subject.

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