ASP.NET MVC using Visual Basic XML Literals

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In this interview Dmitry Robsman, the Product Unit Manager for ASP.NET, shows us how he implemented ASP.NET MVC views using Visual Basic's XML Literals instead of .aspx pages. He shows us how this makes coding the views much cleaner using standard OOP principals. He also makes some very interesting observations about DSLs and Visual Basic XML literals. You can download the code Dmitry shows in the interview from his blog here.
-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    Nice job, we need an XML Literals series
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    Very cool idea. Nicely done. Great advert for both and MVC
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    I am also learnign Visual Basic So I found your post very helpful.
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    Answering Service

    It's great to have actual video about this kind of topic. I really have trouble understanding programming by just reading it.

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