Amanda Silver on Visual Basic LINQ Syntax in Visual Studio 2008

Play Amanda Silver on Visual Basic LINQ Syntax in Visual Studio 2008

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    I haven't finished the entire video yet, but I have to say I really dig the new format. More screencast mixing please!
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    I really liked beling able to see the code samples via the ScreenCast. Thanks.
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    Beth's Screencasts are awesome. I'd love to see more screencasts mixed in this way. Very nice experience for the audience. In fact, I do know that more C9 screencasters will be creating a similar style of mixed motion and still video. 

    Thanks, Beth!

    Keep on posting,


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    Minh wrote:
    I haven't finished the entire video yet, but I have to say I really dig the new format. More screencast mixing please!

    I better like the charles kinda interview for this kind of stuff.

    BUT If its got to be a screencast rather than an interview, then this is awesome. Quite high quality on the video compression.
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    Thanks Amanda for this stunning demonstration. Frankly I can't wait to start developing with the new version of VB, although LINQ seems to be drastic change in the language that requires spending more time on it.

    I hope Amanda that there is a chance to demonstrate Interoperability between WPF and windows forms 2.0 as all Microsoft resources concentrates on C# [C]

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    Thanks, very nice video.

    Amazing stuff! when I think back to the days of say VB6 this would have been thought impossible (almost).
    And then we saw VS 2003 etc. which was 'amazing' back then.

    I cannot believe that things have come this far! This functionality will definitely benefit business application developers like myself tons!

    I just can't decide where I would use these new data functionality... in my data access or business tier ....

    Thanks again for the vid, these kind are great where you can see the presenters in the small window while the code is rolling!

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    Thanks! I really like the format as well. Since we wanted to show you the VB Team's favorite Orcas features, I think this was the best medium to show it so you could see all the code. I'll be posting more so stay tuned. Smiley

    Thanks again,

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    Hi there!

    I am new to channel9, so greetings to you all!

    This is the first video I have watched on here, great stuff!

    Look forward to working with and contributing to this forum some more!

    Thanks for the video!

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    Ken Cox [MVP]
    Nicely done! Amanda is a very good presenter. The video is well-paced and engaging.

    I really like the format that puts the VS2008 environment foremost and the people as picture-in-picture.
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    This is the first kind of the webcast that i've ever seen. Code at the back ground and live on a small window, awesome... i'm spell bound in the first time when i saw the window resized to the right corner.

    The idea is outstanding. The entire show is worth of ton thanks..

    clap .. clap .. clap ..

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    Does anyone else have the same problem as I do when watching this video. Namely the code screen is blurred, so much so that the text is unreadable. When the camera shot is away frm the code screen the video is fine.Crying

    Cheers Tony

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