Brian Beckman Does Higher Algebra with Visual Basic

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In this interview, Brian Beckman, Principal Developer (currently working with Erik Meijer), attempts to teach me higher algebra using Visual Basic, generics, and operator overloading. Brian is a wonderful person and brilliant physicist and we have a lot of fun with vectors and matrices and VB. I actually think I understood some of what Brian showed me Wink.

Visual Basic is a great language for mathematics as well as all kinds of other applications. Brian makes the point that he has fun coding in VB because of its intuitive style and how easy it is to be immediately productive. Check out Brian's blog post on the VB Team blog! And for all you abstract algebra aficionados, here's the code to play with.

-Beth Massi, VS Community



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The Discussion

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    Since when does linear algebra and vectorspaces count as higher algebra? They're first year stuff Tongue Out
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    Wow, evildictaitor, your high school must be advanced if they're teaching you vector spaces the first year...
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    I really like this. I read on Joe Duffy's blog that he's working on a language that is a hybrid between C# and Haskell. Maybe it supports the higher-kinded type-system necessary to naturally express these things. I tried to do similar things in ML but in the end the solution wasn't really that appealing.

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