Drag-Drop Data Binding Comes to WPF in Visual Studio 2010

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In this interview Milind Lele, a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Pro Tools team, shows us one of the new RAD improvements coming to WPF in Visual Studio 2010 -- Drag-Drop Data Binding.

Also check out his blog post on this topic for more information. His team is looking for feedback on this feature so visit the Visual Studio 2010 CTP page to download the CTP and visit the feedback forums.

Enjoy, -Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    Nice!  It looks like WPF will actually be something that's easy to use coming from a WinForms/RAD background.  Thanks for the video, Beth!
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    Nice video ! Thank you.

    I tried to embed this video in a post on my company's internal blog using the html you supply from the video player UI, but I got a problem.

    The preview image is displayed but the white play triangle is not showing up and there is no way to start the video clicking on the preview.

    Should I add something else to embed your videos for my team to watch ?

    Thank you,

    PS: the blog is based on blogengine.net

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    I think what'd been cooler is having the designer itself written in WPF, and not the 5-10 years old winforms list view. Karl Shiftlet has his new power toys, that show a more mature way to develop WPF applications, and the support you need when editing controls.

    Don't get me wrong, the tried and tested stuff works, but WPF requires extra configuration that is missing in the old winforms designers.

    I also don't feel excited about this as much as thinking, its about time that feature was available!

    Also Milind, the Entity Framework seems to be the data access method of choice for WPF, will any work be done to allow the EF to be targeted design time by winforms applications?
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    AFAIK the designer is written in WPF. It only looks like WinForms because the default look of all WPF controls resembles the look of WinForms.
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    Have you tried to play "downloadable" version?
    EDIT: Oops... Yeah... It's Friday... And bugs... Inside my brain... Sorry.
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    Güzel video,


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    Nice video.  Pity about Beth.  She really looked like a wounded animal.
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    Currently downloading the video... Comments here seem to be mostly positive, so I'll thank in advance. Smiley


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