Early Look at the Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client

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In a more dynamic market than ever, Enterprises want their line-of-business applications to be accessible at any time from any device without sacrificing quality, agility, or time-to-market. This is why we are proud to announce that developers using Visual Studio LightSwitch will be able to create applications that can be used on any device that supports HTML5!

In this interview, Joe Binder, Program Manager on the LightSwitch Team, gives us an early preview of where the team is headed with supporting HTML clients. He walks through the design experience as well as showing us how easy it is to customize styling and controls.

For more information, please see the team blog: Announcing the LightSwitch HTML Client

And stay tuned for more news as it unfolds on the LightSwitch Developer Center.

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    Here it is folks! Check out the high quality recordings if you can so you see the demo a lot better. And if you have any questions for the team you can also head on over to the LightSwitch HTML Client Forum.


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    Fantastic. Looking forward to see more 'client' types in that Add Client dialog. Smiley HTML for Desktop ? WinRT ?

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    Looks great! This is definitely a reason to ask the company to get us off of XP.

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    I was totally blown away by this video, Great!

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    This is wonderful indeed

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    Reji Nair

    This will make Lightswitch a complete product for LOB development.
    Great Job, Beth & Joe.
    Waiting excitedly to try it.

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    Very exciting, and well-presented! Can't wait for the download to become available.

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    Jimmy John

    Needs more CAPS!!!! An app that let's you create HTML apps. Sounds revolutionary. I want to create a web app in C++ for max vulnerabilities.

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    Why didn't you use knockoutjs and mvvm instead of inventing another binding strategy?  I'm sure we can use whatever we want, but it is interesting the a MS team would not use the fantastic product that Steve Sanderson has already developed and spent so much time on

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    This is great, I'm really enjoying this.

    BTW, Joe says 'spartan list'.  I think he means 'sparse'.

    'Spartan' refers to the warlike city state of Sparta.  

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    Nice shirt!

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    I'm really starting to struggle to think of a reason NOT to use this for LOB apps.  Been playing with the VHD for the past couple of days and it feels solid.  I had dismissed LightSwitch as a toy when it came out, and my biggest reservation was that it used only Silverlight for UI.  Obviously neither of those things are true now.  Oh.. and that is a nice shirt: helped keep my attention through the whole video.

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    In fact, this wonderful work I was expecting Light Switch only for the primary programmer but now it's different This project will be very useful to enter the army of new users to the Microsoft platforms.. thank you
    Beth really you are the best  trainer.

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