Fun with the Interns: Charles Lowell on the .NET API Portability Analyzer

Play Fun with the Interns: Charles Lowell on the .NET API Portability Analyzer
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A couple weeks ago when I was up in Redmond I had the pleasure of interviewing some interns on the .NET team to talk about their experience as an intern at Microsoft and to show off the projects they are working on.

In this first interview I sit down with Charles Lowell, a Software Development Engineer in Test. He has been working on a cool Visual Studio extension called the .NET Portability Analyzer. As developers need to target more and more platforms this tool can be a big help in analyzing how portable your .NET code is. It gives you a quick overview of the changes that you would need to make in order to be able to port your code to a given platform.  

The tool's Alpha released today! Download the extension here: .NET Portability Analyzer

And for more information see the .NET Team blog: Leveraging existing code across .NET platforms

And for all those students out there pursuing a career in computer science, you should consider an internship at Microsoft. You can help build real software that helps millions of people! Learn more about the Microsoft internship program here.

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



The Discussion

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    Nice plug-in.  I did a quick check on one of our assemblies and received some target type errors for Reactive Extension PCL assemblies for all platforms except Mono 4.5.  Is this currently a limitation with the alpha bits?


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    Thanks for the report! We need more information to get started examining this issue. Can you please send more details to

    - Charles (MSFT)

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