"I'm a VB" Interview: Bill Vaughn, Visual Basic MVP

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In this interview I chat with Bill Vaughn, Visual Basic MVP and super-SQL-data-dude, over beer at a loud brewery about his experiences using Visual Basic over the years. Check out Bill's MVP bio and blog

Post your own story and/or comment with your own experiences for the VB Team to hear on the VB Team blog. For more fun interviews visit www.IMaVB.net.

About the “I’m a VB” Interview series:
Who’s the “typical VB.NET developer”? Is there one? There are millions of VB.NET developers in the world, and they each have their own unique story. We decided to talk to some of them to find out what kinds of applications they’re building, what technologies they’re using, and what their favorite features are. Watch the interviews and find out for yourself who today's VB.NET developers really are!


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The Discussion

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the interviews.  However, please remove that background music from Bill Vaughn's interview.  It is annoying and distracting.

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    Hi Blueshift,

    Believe me when I say we worked really hard on the sound quality. Because the interviews were done at random parties and events at the MVP summit, there was a lot of background noise. We had to filter it with music just so you could hear the main speakers. It sounds a lot better with it than without it.

    Glad you like the interviews!

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