LINQ to SQL and the O/R Designer in VS 2008

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    Nice How-To vidoes, but now I know how it feels when the programmers see thing for C# only.

    Where is the:

    “How Do I” Videos — C#

    Are these videos available for C#? I looked under that section on the MSDN but found nothing related to LINQ to SQL or pretty web page like that for VB.Net.

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    This is really AWESOME!! Thanks a million for sharing with all. Big Smile
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    Agreed, granted I can follow the video, but it would be nice to see C# versions
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    This is a brilliant tutorial, many thanks for sharing it with us
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    Thanks so much to the both of you!  We REALLy appreciate you taking time out of your day to explain this to us.

    I had watched all of Beth's GREAT bindingsource videos, and was trying to make the leap to LINQ.  This was the missing (pardon the pun) LINK.

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    I wish I found this video a year ago.  This would have been a great help when I built my first LINQ to SQL site rather than the tutorials I used.  I built a weight loss quotes site and has few stumbles here and there which may have been lessened.  I was impressed with LINQ to sql in general though. Very quick to get started!

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    Truly a right-to-the-point, hands-on tutorial on Linq to SQL. Finally I can give up of manually writing SPs & Business Objects and use this more productive, type safe, easy way instead! Well done!!!

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