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In this interview I meet with the team that brings us the "experience" of coding in Visual Studio, also sometimes referred to as the VS IDE Team. I ask them how their design process works, what the top requested features are for the code editors, how they work with the language teams as well as what their favorite and hardest features are to build and test.

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    Yo Team! (You Rock!)
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    I'm more home with C# but have had to deal a lot with C/C++ lately and I'm tempted to say that there is the c# Experience and the c++ "experience". edit: I wrote about a case in interop scenario where ide freezes for anything from 1 to 10 seconds (random), no cpu use or disk activity and now it doesn't do that anymore when I tried to look into it for writing this post. Argh.

    edit 2: On third run it froze again. Completely random. Happens during "loading symbols for ... a-c#-dll-with-unmanaged-debug-enabled.dll". The solution has c# exe,dll and does COM into native project. Clearing the unmanaged-debug checkbox helps though also functionality is lost.

    Nice you mentioned "find all references". One of the things that's 50% of the time broken in native projects even when they compile and run: It works if what you are looking is not in the current file, if it is then it doesn't work at all, it just finds the definition and nothing else. A possibility is it that "it works" but then I'd say: it works completely unlike C# same feature!
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    I'd just like to point out to everyone that Dustin Campbell (gentleman in green shirt on left) is drinking from a Deep Fried Bytes mug.
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    nothing interesting in this video, sorry.
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