SQL 2008 & Occasionally Connected Client Support in Visual Studio SP1

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In this interview, Milind Lele, a PM on the Visual Studio Pro Tools team shows us the improvements made to the tooling in Visual Studio SP1 for occasionally connected clients as well as the new data type support for SQL Server 2008. Using SQL 2008 built-in change tracking, you don't need to make modifications to your table schemas like you have to do with SQL 2005. Additionally he shows off a "smarter" DataSet designer where you can have tables coming from server and client data stores all contained within one model.

-Beth Massi, VS Community



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The Discussion

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    The moment the tables are synchronized (13:21) the order data changes! The customer jumps from "Vins et alcools Chevalier" to "Alfreds Futterkiste", employee from "Buchanari" to "Davolio.", and shipper from "Federal Shipping" to "Speedy Express"... But I guess we didn't change that after our sync... How come?

    Sincerely, Greg.

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    I really enjoyed the first video on sync, but this does make things so much easier.Having an employees table, suppliers etc. on a local machine does reduce the amount of hits on a server significantly. This is another reason why (for me at least) using the Linq to SQL ORM instead of datasets is a no brainer. Even the Entity framework will not have this level of support and I predict it will be some time before it does.

    Keep up the great work!
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    again with the letterboxing.. :/

    the small pip of the interview during on screen demos are awsome though Smiley
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    btw does the syncing stuff work other databases as well? the sql server spesific stuff dosnt work of course, but there was some mention of another technique with tables that vs generated? that would be awsome Smiley
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    Its possible that when the dataset got repopulated, the current record was reset to the first record.
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    >> The moment the tables are synchronized (13:21) the order data changes
    Indeed. Smiley

    This is because after the sync I did a fill for the datasets. This clears and refills that dataset.
    A better approach is to use merge.


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    >>btw does the syncing stuff work other databases as well?
    Unfortunately, no. The Sync Services runtime does not support non-SQL Server databases.
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    Javascript error on page, cannot see video

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