Speed Up Azure Deployments with the New Web Deployment Feature

Play Speed Up Azure Deployments with the New Web Deployment Feature
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The Discussion

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    This is awesome! I have been waiting to be able to deploy in a much more timely manner and now I finally can! I look forward to what new features are still yet to come. Thanks.

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    Anders Hauge

    You can read this blog post for more information about enabling and troubleshooting web deploy for azure developers:

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    juan david


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    Awesome video Anders!

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    Marcel Meijer

    Cool! But now we need something similar for WorkerRoles too!

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    Ralph S

    People, don't get too excited. You can't use this for production. Only for development on a single instance.

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    Gangadhar Kotu

    Good and so simple for development....  Angel

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    WOW!! You appreciate it a lot more when you have been waiting 20 minutes for several times to make some trivial updates. Once again.. Awesome!

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