Speed Up Azure Deployments with the New Web Deployment Feature

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In this interview, Anders Hauge, a Program Manager on the Azure tools team, shows us how the new Web Deployment feature along with Remote Desktop allows you to incrementally publish your web applications to the Azure cloud. This means that you can make updates to your already deployed web apps with just the changes onto the same running instance, which greatly accelerates the process of deploying updates while debugging your cloud-based web applications. Make sure to watch as Anders (humorously) goes into the details of how it works and what the limitations are.

This new feature is available in the Azure SDK 1.4.1 refresh which you can install via the Web Platform Installer.

For more information see the Windows Azure news from MIX 11.


Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    This is awesome! I have been waiting to be able to deploy in a much more timely manner and now I finally can! I look forward to what new features are still yet to come. Thanks.

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    Anders Hauge

    You can read this blog post for more information about enabling and troubleshooting web deploy for azure developers:

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    juan david


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    Awesome video Anders!

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    Marcel Meijer

    Cool! But now we need something similar for WorkerRoles too!

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    Ralph S

    People, don't get too excited. You can't use this for production. Only for development on a single instance.

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    Gangadhar Kotu

    Good and so simple for development....  Angel

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    WOW!! You appreciate it a lot more when you have been waiting 20 minutes for several times to make some trivial updates. Once again.. Awesome!

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