The New DataRepeater Control in the Latest Power Packs Release

Play The New DataRepeater Control in the Latest Power Packs Release

The Discussion

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    The data repeater is cool -- I'm glad it was added to the power pack. It solves an immediate problem I have with displaying information from a database on a user form.

    It would be nice to have this available for an ASP.NET web form. I thought I heard John or Beth mention that it was only available for Windows Forms.

    I'd like to know more about those nifty "weather demo components" that were displayed in John's VS toolbox. Smiley


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    Can we get a download link for this project or another example project ?

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    really struggling to understand how to change images with this control, anyone any ideas ?
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    Cool... I'm comparing DataRepeater control with PowerBuilder DataWindow control. DataWindow control allow user can edit data at runtime and also we can take printout as-is. Why Microsoft not yet develop like DataWindow control? For ex, If I populate employee details in DataRepeater control and I need any printout means, I needs to create report. So it is double work. But in DataWindow control has print properties.

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    ibrahim ali

    hi, how can i use datarepeater without using data sourse?
    i want to add a textbox and some labels and button withou using database controls.
    i was added some controls, but when i start the project there is nothing in the repeater
    please help me..

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