The P-Invoke Interop Assistant

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In this interview, Jared Parsons, a Developer on the Visual Basic IDE, shows us the P/Invoke Interop Assistant available on CodePlex. The tool helps with converting unmanaged C code to managed P/Invoke signatures and vice versa. Say goodbye to digging through random header files or MSDN documentation to find the right constants, structures and signatures. The P/Invoke Interop Assistant does a smarter translation for you using SAL (Source Code Annotation Language). 

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    hey cool to see more from beth on c9 Smiley
    interop assistant looks really helpful Smiley

    whats with the letterboxing though? Smiley
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    is there anyway to get other -h files into that searchabe vew?
    ive been trying my hand at some usb/bluetooth programming but i always seem to get stuck on the interop :/ the interop assistant really seems to solve the problem but i dont know how to get hid.h in there :/
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    Now here's something really helpful!  Been looking for help with a particular P/Invoke for some time now. 
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    This is brilliant, 10/10 Jared.
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    very nice news, the trancender is always welcome. It will make economy in time.

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