WPF Improvements in Visual Studio 2010 for Building Business Apps

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At the MVP Summit a few weeks ago, Italian MVP Alessandro del Sole was so excited about the new WPF features in Visual Studio 2010 that he asked me if he could interview Milind Lele himself to get the low-down -- I said sure!

Milind is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Pro Tools team. In this interview he chats with Alessandro about the new WPF improvements in Visual Studio 2010 for building business applications. This time Milind shows off the new Visual Studio UI and the new WPF data grid as he quickly builds a master-details form against an Entity Data Model using the new RAD drag-drop data binding features for WPF.

Also check out Milind's blog post on this topic for more information.

-Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community



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The Discussion

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    When you use drag and drop to bind to data, does the generated code retrieve the data asynchronously or will it use/block the UI thread to retrieve the data?
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    Running the application wiht only one ListBox on the Form tooks 30. seconds.

    They start the application at 10. Minutes in the video and it tooks 30 seconds to run.

    What are you guys doing with visual studio.Its going slower in every new version.
    Is this a tradition in the Visual Studio Team?
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    That was a terrible video. Sound was poor, content was poor and VS2010 looks like a total dog.

    Where the hell is that walking ego Scoble? Videos like this make me miss him.
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    Nice demo, enjoyed seeing the VS10 UI.  It looked like things were run in either a virtual environment or possibly across terminal services, maybe that was the cause of the slow response.

    Not much into the RAD databinding, but thanks for the video anyway!
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    Interesting comments on quality of the video. This is a subject I am hugely interested in. I watched the video for less than a minute before i stopped it. I did not know it could get worse.
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    It is possible...
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    Sound is bit noisy but technically the video quality is excellent though not perfect as there's little bit of compression artifacts. I really liked the ability to do instant seeking on the video in the SL player by dragging the position knob and have the video update position while dragging. You can check that in WMP on local files, THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE! WMP TEAM WAKE UP!!!! Silverlight beats you !

    No comment on the content except that I like the new looking bits of the UI, the old looking stuff like some dialogs and scroll bars seem a bit legacy with the new relaxing blue stuff in there. I hope the looks stay cool. Office 2007 was disappointing in that the RTM looked worse than beta with the awful light/baby blue looks.

    edit: I'd like to note that by "baby blue" I mean what people mean with baby blue, based on overwhelming evidence with image search. Wikipedia claims baby blue has GB values of "FFFF" but whatever wikipedia is using as a source is obviously either outdated or wrong in terms of actual usage of the term.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. The build we were showing you was "hot off the presses" so to speak and was also accessed through TS. I wouldn't focus on the perf at this point, it's the tooling that we're trying to show you. As for the video quality I have to render it this way so you can see the screencast at the same time and also so it doesn't end up being a 2 gig download Wink. Heh, I'm not a video editor, I'm a code junkie so I appologise for any roughness. You might try just downloading it and playing it outside the SL player to see if that helps.


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    Milind Lele MS
    Hi GPetrites,
    The code that is generated gets the data synchronously. That's the plain, simple data load code. Certainly it needs to be modified to fetch data more effectively. The method really depends on how the app is structured. Sometimes you would want to fetch it asynchronously. At the least, you do need to 'page' the data, thus get a block at a time.

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    Milind Lele MS
    Hi Kingalo,
    Your observation is correct. The presentation uses a snapshot, pre-release build. It's not optimized. Public bits will certainly be optimized and much faster.

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    good to know Smiley
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    Wow, it's like 2003 all over again! Rudimentary data grid, slow clunky drag and drop programming, fighting the design surface, and code gen that inserts code into the same file I am supposed to use with "do not edit" comments... isn't that what partial classes are for?


    I realize WPF is the future for LOB... but it looks like a really DISTANT future right now... WinForms smokes this thing for LOB.



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    in yourself,
    Improvements to course? about visual basic

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