Walkthrough of a Real-World LightSwitch Application used at Microsoft

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In this video, I interview a couple of LightSwitch team members, Mike Droney (Tester) and Sheel Shah (PM), as they walk me through a real application that was built for our Admins in order to track hardware assets across the developer division. Mike and Sheel talk about the requirement gathering and development processes as well as some of the advanced features of the application. They were able to build a working prototype in no time and then used an iterative development approach to add more and more features that users wanted. LightSwitch let them concentrate on business value and user productivity and not worry about any of the plumbing required to build a modern Silverlight, n-tier application with a lot of advanced features including a generic report builder.

Their application is based on LightSwitch Beta 2, which is available for the public to download today! To access the download & start learning LightSwitch please visit the LightSwitch Developer Center

And for more LightSwitch resources please visit the LightSwitch Team Blog and ask questions in the LightSwitch Forums




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The Discussion

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    rLambda Solutions

    Do you have place to download the code ?

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    Beth, Mike and Sheel

    Thanks for the awesome demo.  It's great to see internal apps and the code that runs them.  When you say release as a sample, do you mean the entire app or just the custom control?

    I really hope the entire application is created as a sample, the helper class for Active Directory and the Excel Column Mapper would be interesting to learn from


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    Could that video be any smaller?

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    Steeve Roy

    Is that application available to public (as a beta or anything else)? My company is all microsoft based and we are currently looking into an Asset mgmt application.

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    Good to see a real app made with Lightswitch.

    I'd also be interested in seeing the source.

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    Hi guys,

    glad you liked the video. @Chris, once the video goes into a screencast it is full size. I recommend watching the High Quality WMV (link is on the right) if you want to see the code better. BTW, I watched it on my Windows Phone 7 last night and it looked great. Smiley

    As for the code, I plan on getting Sheel to upload the custom control report builder and the Excel importer as a sample. We'll be working on getting those plus a couple more full-blown apps onto the new Samples Gallery next week. I'll come back and post a link here when they are online. For now, check out the new course manager sample here: https://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/lightswitch/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=5531



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    WOW, she is sexy I like her :P

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    That was awesome...Unfortunately LS is still not ready for primetime.
    I have a hard time selling my clients on a solution that has no native printing support.

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    Nice app!  I'm looking forward to the report builder and Excel importer.  One question...is the guy on the right ok?  Looks like he hurt himself at the 2:58-2:59 mark.

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    Great practical implementation using LightSwtich. Could really use the excel column mapper in a couple of scenarios. Any idea when Sheel might be releasing this as sample code to the Gallery?

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    If you have code samples for active directory access that would be very helpful too.

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    Just though I would pass along that the excel importer is available here:
    Looking forward to the report builder though. Looks extremely useful.

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    <p>Awesome...Thanks for all the links and code samples</p>

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    Letter to the Christ Child.
    Regards Beth, thank you for such a good job of disseminating knowledge of these valuable tools. I think Lightswitch is the first real effort by Microsoft to create a tool that involves much more widespread technology. Too bad they just present it as the successor to MS Access. Well, in my opinion is much more than that. Of course I understand that is in Beta, but I also think it is good time for people like you are pronounced in the sense that it is time Microsoft brings to the service of humanity a real powerful tool both useful and very easy to use all the features required for the personal computer, an intranet, the web, in the cloud or Smartphone.
    Some things that could make this tool go in that direction: Import - export data blocks with Office (Excel, Access, Outlook, Word) because until now the only option that they deserved gala is the easy export to Excel. Clarity and ease of setting a project in production in the intranet and the Web, because the current procedure is complex and the results are not always expected, although I understand why there is more information to take it to Azure. Clarity and ease in handling the security of user access - profile applications, the issue is still unclear. The task force must be acting by Lightswitch reporting will tilt, if only for connectivity or because they directly integrate Lightswitch, Report of Visual Studio, Report Builder 3, Reporting Services, Crystal report, etc.
    It would be interesting to see how, with this tool, productivity in a web, can ensure that the client running the latest version of the application. Also known as the client can not access at some point to the Web, can work offline and then synchronize data with the server on the web.

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    Still waiting for report custom control code.

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    They've been posted here:


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    Every time I come to see the video but I am convinced that Lightswitch is not for non-programmers, the opposite is for experienced programmers, but not Lightswitch or VB or C# or SQL Server but SilverLight.

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    Star Fox

    the video is not working! download links also! any help!!

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    mark bate

    Any sign of asset management code?

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    Thanks Beth, Mike and Sheel for showing code in LightSwitch using both VB and C#.

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    Peter Monadjemi

    I think I need a hearing aid - I can hardly understand a word at the end of the vidoe. Why does not everybody wears a small mike? That should not be to difficult to arrange. So there would be a single source for the sound.

    Is the source code finally available?


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    My real name is Hansjörg. Some guys in the US still do not understand that there is other cultures out there ... with non ASCII character names.
    Why such a Mikey Mouse format video?? Lightswitch is a very promising tool - it deserves a HD video!!

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    Jason C

    Would really like to get the code for the application discussed here as I am attempting to build one as well. Maybe some screenshots?

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