What's New with SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2012

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    Johana Miller

    Every successful organization is backed by a highly-potential team of employees who work together by combining their skills, capabilities and experience to produce the best solution. In order to work together, the employees must have full understanding about the strategy so that they can utilize the resources in an efficient manner. Hence, it is essential to spread transparency within an organization for improving the output level to a great extent.


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    I am soooo excited to the see *the* Beth Massi learning about SharePoint! Smiley

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    It can become a bit annoying and frustrating even though the girl from Shanghai does her best trying to explain by her heavy 'Chinese accent' the new Sharepoint highlights. Beth Massi does a excellent job repeating what is actually being said in a understandable way. Thanks Beth Massi for your support on this.

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