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In this video, Robert Hess has a roundtable discussion with industry experts to help you understand exactly what DirectCompute is and the kinds of software problems to which you can apply DirectCompute in order to leverage the GPU for computation.

This video features:

Eric Young (Manager of Developer Technology, NVIDIA Corporation)
Chas Boyd (Program Manager Architect  Windows Graphics,  Microsoft Corporation)
Justin Hensley (Senior MTS, AMD Office of CTO, ATI/AMD)

The first demo can be found here: Video Stabilization.
The second demo can be found here:  DirectCompute FFT Sample (Color Grid Wide).
For more information about DirectX, check the DirectX Developer Center and the Windows Developer Center.

You can also download the Direct X SDK.

The DirectCompute lecture series will receive updates from June 14th through July 5th, so keep checking back on the link.

The following videos continue the series:
DirectCompute 101: Introduction
DirectCompute 110: Memory Patterns



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The Discussion

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    oo ive been waiting for this one Smiley LOVE to see more directX /direct compute stuff on channel9



    i gotta say, while the sdk is great in many ways, the real beginner stuff is not that well covered Smiley stuff like how the stages are connected, where obejcts [meshes] are put into the scene and how you keep track of what shaders and textures go where, that could use a little more explination.. also things like how you combine dx11 rendering and compute shaders in a good way, thats really interesting i think


    i'd love to see screencasts go from file > new to a direct compute app/ basic dx11 engine. more screencasts in general i'd say, but maybe thats coming later in the series Smiley

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    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Currently, the following lectures are planned for release:

    Direct Compute Expert Roundtable
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 6/14/2010

    Introduction to DirectCompute
    Web Release Date
    :  Friday 6/18/2010

    DirectCompute Memory Patterns
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 6/21/2010 

    Basics of DirectCompute Application Development
    Web Release Date
    :  Friday 6/25/2010

    DirectCompute GPU Optimizations and Performance
    Web Release Date
    : Monday 6/28/2010

    DirectCompute GPU Accelerated Physics
    Web Release Date
    : Friday 7/1/2010

    DirectCompute - Integration with the Graphics Pipeline
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 7/5/2010

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    interesting stuff ! Wink

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    Glad you like it, keep an eye on this Channel 9 blog for the next post in the series coming on Friday!

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    awsome to have a schedule Smiley if only the rest of channel9 had that Wink

    i personally have dabbeld a little in directx but im having trouble understanding how all the components fit together.. for example are directx contexts analogus to a 'window'/'rendering surface' or can diffrent contexts render to the same surface?

    what is the typical workflow for doing rendering in directx? do you call both dispatch and draw when rendering your direct compute results? things like that Smiley maybe that is out of scope for this series but it would be very interesting to have some talks
    about the general 'flow' in directx


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    I wonder what you guys think of projects such as Brahma, a seamless "Linq to GPU" query provider:


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    Brahma looks pretty interesting, I can't tell from the site how mature the code base is, but for managed devs this could be exciting and useful.

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    Nvidia and ATi reps site by side - that was awkward!

    Also, there's this great big elephant in the room: OpenCL. You should at least spend some time explaining why Microsoft thinks people should use DirectCompute instead of OpenCL rather than pretending that it doesn't exist.


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    I didn't think it seemed awkward that representatives were there from both Nvidia and ATi - as Eric Young from NVIDIA pointed out, each H/W provider has strenghts and weaknesses but both are very powerful for GPGPU applications.  As far as guidance that we have on OpenCL vs DirectCompute, I will see if I can get any insights for you and it would be interesting to hear what the panelists would say so we'll try and get them to come into the forum.  I would imagine that they would chime in that the quality checks (hardware logo and certification, for example), Microsoft tooling and documentation, and support assurance from Microsoft for DirectX and DirectCompute are pretty nice to have for DirectCompute developers. Granted, the series probably doesn't address this because it may just be a matter of preference or religion such as the debate between whether someone should use Vim, Emacs, or Notepad.


    Short update here including some discussion internally DirectCompute enables:

    • Compatibility guarantees - any DX11 card has guaranteed feature support for DirectCompute and CS5.0
    • Designed with graphics in mind – often you want to display what you calculate, and D3D+DCompute provides a more tightly knit API to do this than any other, including OpenCL+OpenGL.
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    Does anyone know if the video stabilization (or any other demo) source code been made available?



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    You can grab some of the demos from the NVIDIA DirectCompute sample page:

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