DirectCompute Lecture Series 110: Memory Patterns

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The Discussion

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    Alex Martsynkev

    High quality WMV are worse off than regular ones. Same problem with other videos in this series Sad

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    Bummer, I will see what I can do to look into this.  Also, we'll be looking into creating other higher fidelity versions that run in a special interface - there are publishing challenges to that so it might take a little while longer.

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    I'm not seeing this at all. The high res quality is, well, high... What problems are you experiencing, exactly?

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    Mr Crash

    Interesting video but i would have like to see what the example shader code produced, ex a small video clip like that particle demo

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    Matt Sandy

    The shader code samples were meant to be as simple as possible in order to convey just the core concepts (and fit on a single slide Smiley ).  If you'd like to see more of it in action, check out the SDK samples and the hands-on lab from PDC 2009.

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