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DirectCompute Lecture Series 120: Basics of DirectCompute Application Development

17 minutes, 49 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

In this lecture, Jason Yang (a technical lead from AMD) goes over the basics of creating a DirectCompute application that performs matrix multiplication. Specifically, he covers:

  • Instantiating a DirectCompute Device
  • Writing and compiling DirectCompute Code
  • Executing code on the GPU
  • Retrieving resulting data from the GPU and passing it to the CPU

The Roundtable discussion for DirectCompute can be found here, the full DirectCompute lecture series is here, and the slides for this lecture are available from here.


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  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    awsome suff, but not only is the video not visible on the frontpage, its not even visible in the video or screencasts pages Smiley Seems strange to me that that could even happen..

  • Gus Classgclassy Helping developers rock at coding for Windows!

    I'm working with Channel 9 to get this included in the feeds, there have been some policy changes on Ch9 recently that affected this.  I think we'll have it fixed next week.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    ok.. i thought you "were" channel9 Smiley

    these videos are great and it would be sucha shame if they arent watched just because people cant fin them. ive no doubt that you're doing what you can it out there, im more confused as to how channel9 actually works


    i always thought that if you where a niner and had some specially premission set on you, you could post videos and tag them as video,podcast or screencast, and that'd be it Smiley i guess its more complicated then?

  • Gus Classgclassy Helping developers rock at coding for Windows!

    Yup, a little more complicated than that.  But I'm learning Big Smile

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    But it shouldnt be more complicated than that imo.. maybe it will be fixed in the elusive revolution9 Smiley

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    It isn't actually a permissions issue (the home page is) to set things as video, podcast or screencast ... I'll send instructions to @gclassy Smiley

  • Gus Classgclassy Helping developers rock at coding for Windows!

    Thanks Duncan, @aL_ these should now appear in videos.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    cool Smiley


    it would be really fun to have some interviews with the c9 team how a video makes it from the producer to the channel9 page, how its encoded and thwe posting process and stuff like that Smiley

  • Hi,

    I hope someone here can help me with this problem:


    If you have a compute intensive compute shader it will likely happen that the "WDDM Time Detection and Recovery" mechanism resets the graphics driver because the GPU is busy for over 2 seconds. This is not so funny if you want to compute something. Smiley


    Is there a way do execute compute shaders which take more than 2 secs for computation and prevent this WDDM TDR mechanism? Noone at the AMD Dev Forums answered, so I try it here. Big Smile


    BTW here is another person who encountered the problem: http://forums.xna.com/forums/p/53326/323308.aspx


    Thanks in advance.

  • There's a way to disable the TDR mechanism using the registry.




    Here is some info regarding Vista.  Probably the same for Win7, but no gaurantees.


  • Thx for the answer. I know that you can increase the timeout or completely disable this feature and that is what i actually did to run my program.

    But this is not a real solution for the problem, especially for end users. Sad

  • Is the visual studio solution that was used in the video available for download?

    I know I can try copy and pasting the code snippets out of the powerpoint presentation file, but I'm not completely confident that I have the skills to get that all compiled and working.

  • hoohoohoohoo

    Newbie question...

    Which version of Visual Studio do I need to get to compile for direct compute? I have Win 7, I have appropriate hardware... just not sure about what development tools I have to get.


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