.NET Gadgeteer and MIDI: Meet the MeeBlipiator

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Demonstration of my latest Gadgeteer project, a simple 8-step one-octave arpeggiator using Pete Brown's MIDI Module to drive a MeeBlip micro synthesizer.

Full source code is available at http://sdrv.ms/MeeBlipiatorSrc (MS-PL)

Detailed blog post at:


CORRECTION: In the video, I note that my enclosure is a modified version of the "Gadgeteer Arcade Module". What I meant to say was "Gadgeteer Arcade Cabinet Enclosure". You can find the Ponoko project to make your own Gadgeteer Arcade Cabinet Enclosure here:




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The Discussion

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    Good stuff. I know it must be fun to work on real hardware sometimes and it's great to see a programmer who actually understands MIDI. It seems that so many people have no clue what it is and associate it with the sounds that came out of they're old soundcards many years ago even though MIDI obviously makes no sound.
    Most good iOS music making apps support MIDI now but at the moment there's only one WP7.5 MIDI controller in the marketplace. Touchscreen devices are great for making all kinds of MIDI controllers and I wish WP developers where more interested in this stuff.

    Like I said, it looks like fun to work with real hardware but touchscreen devices are more practical and flexible.

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    Funny you should mention programmers not understanding MIDI, as just about anyone using a modern DAW or synthesizer may be using MIDI and not even realize it, since many newer keyboards connect via USB, but still use MIDI for communication, albeit over USB.

    I was talking on Saturday with a neighbor who works for a major musical instrument retailer, and who was once a touring keyboard player, about how robust MIDI has been as a communication protocol. It's nearly 30 years old now, and still going strong.

    I'm not a deep expert in MIDI, and truth be told, most of the hard MIDI work in this project is done for me by Pete's MIDI module driver, but I agree with you that touch screens can be a useful addition to enhance musical expression, and I'd like to see what I could do with a Windows Phone app and MIDI...will have to see what's possible there.

    One of my other favorite musical toys, though it doesn't talk MIDI, is my Korg Kaossilator. It's primary interface is a touchpad, so it's very expressive. I used it to record a track called Devhammer's Kaos from my Music page. The entire track was played in one take on the Kaossilator.

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    @gduthie:Even though we have OSC now MIDI just keeps being the most usefull way to control stuff. The people at http://gesturespark.com/ seem to be using OSC is a smarter way though so it's becoming more usefull all the time.

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    Thanks for the pointer on OSC. Had not heard of that, so I'll check it out.

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