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    Guys, great work across all Accelerators so far.  We're hopeful to have our first CRM Accelerator (Event Management) installed at one of our clients sites early in 2009. Thanks again.
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    Travis G
    Outstanding progress! Love the effective, visual delivery of key business information. Y'all have done a wonderful job of resolving the need for embedded graphs/charts, roll-up and drill-down dashboarding, etc. inside of CRM w\o introducing significant additional cost (from a $$ or resource standpoint). Beautiful.

    Interested to hear / understand more about the points of integration w\PP2007 and how CRM can leverage PP2007's strengths.

    Also interested to hear the strategies re: the integration of search (structured or unstructured) into the equation of BI-related accelerators and other CRM content surfacers.

    From a market competition standpoint, you have changed the playing field by extending the platform and integration value prop of CRM, creating a very sexy, compelling, and useful CRM dashbaord, and introducing a strategic (competitive) advantage over other CRM apps for partners/resellers in this tough market space. Gracias.
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    Dear Mr. Girish

    This is senthil from Chennai, India.  Right now I am working in AX 4.0.
    The Cube and the Reporting server are the basic functionality in AX2009?

    Thanks for the clarifications.

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