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Acceptance Tests

Acceptance tests using WatiN are simply longer versions of smoke tests. The following shows an acceptance test to verify that we can create a new page in our wiki.

public void CanCreateNewWikiPage() {
    string pageName = string.Format("TestPageName-{0}", Guid.NewGuid());
    const string pageTitle = "TestPageTitle";
    using(var browser = new IE()) {
        browser.CreateWikiPage(pageName, pageTitle);
        Assert.That(browser.WikiPageTitle(), Is.EqualTo(pageTitle));
        Assert.That(browser.Url, Text.Contains(pageName));


I created an extension method BrowserExtensions.CreateWikiPage to encapsulate the logic of creating a new page.

public static void CreateWikiPage(this Browser browser, string pageName, string pageTitle) {
    browser.Link(Find.ByTitle("Create a new Page")).Click();
    browser.TextField(Find.ByTitle("Type here the name of the page")).TypeText(pageName);
    browser.TextField(Find.ByTitle("Type here the title of the page")).TypeText(pageTitle);


Another extension method simplifies finding a wiki page's title; not the contents of the <title/> tag, but the contents of the <h1 class="pagetitle"/> tag.

public static string WikiPageTitle(this Browser browser) {
    return browser.ElementWithTag("h1", Find.ByClass("pagetitle")).Text.Trim();

As we write more acceptance tests, the BrowserExtensions class may become unwieldy in size. If this happens, I can easily refactor the code into BrowserLookupExtensions (for finding information in the page) and BrowserScriptingExtensions (for manipulating the page). I could separate extension methods by public and admin, particular function, or any other means to make the code more tractable.

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