Extreme ASP.NET Makeover: jQuery - Re-Theming ScrewTurn Wiki

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Re-Theming ScrewTurn Wiki

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ScrewTurn Wiki ships with two themes – Default and Elegant, as shown above. The themes reside in the Theme folder and consist of a set of Cascading Style Sheets and images. As we saw in Part 3 , the CSS for a theme is quite long and involved. The two user-contributed themes available on the ScrewTurn Wiki site include the “Updated Default Theme,” which is a slight alteration of the Default Theme, and the “GreyBoxed Theme,” which is described as a cross between Elegant and Default. This does not speak well for the ease of custom theme creation for ScrewTurn Wiki.

jQuery UI includes the jQuery UI CSS Framework, which is used to create themes for widgets. It defines a set of standard CSS classes that themes can override to provide a custom look and feel. In addition to the 17 pre-built themes, jQuery UI also has the ThemeRoller, which allows you tocreate your own custom themes for jQuery UI widgets. You can take a quick tour of jQuery UI Themes and ThemeRoller.

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The Discussion

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    I was wondering if you have a step by step process you can create to allow us people that are not-so much coders, but know enough to be dangerous to step by step do what you did to our screwturn wikis to allow the jQuery to change and add themes we can customize to our wikis?


    Thank you!


    Paul Krumrei


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