PowerShell on Linux and Open Source

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Continuing the commitment to enable an open and flexible platform that meets customers where they are, Microsoft has now open sourced PowerShell and made it available on Linux and macOS. Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist is joined by Jeffrey Snover, inventor of PowerShell, who shares the details of these announcements with hands-on demos from a range of special guests.


  1. [12:34] - Managing Azure using PowerShell on Linux
  2. [15:57] - PowerShell on Linux with Python, REST, Visual Studio Code and more
  3. [27:54] - Managing Linux and Windows Containers with Docker
  4. [34:40] - Native Linux Management with PowerShell
  5. [42:29] - Managing AWS using PowerShell on Linux
  6. [45:55] - Managing VMware using PowerShell on Linux


  1. Learn more at:  GitHub project https://github.com/powershell/powershell
  2. PowerShell Home Page http://microsoft.com/powershell  
  3. Announcement blog https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powershell-is-open-sourced-and-is-available-on-linux/



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