Hello Workflow - Windows Workflow Foundation key concepts

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Windows Workflow Foundation is a component of WinFx that allows you to add workflow functionality to your applications.   In this screencast, James Conard, shows a simple "Hello Workflow" example that demonstrates the key concepts of Windows Workflow Foundation including:  activities, workflow models, and hosts.  You will also see how Windows Workflow Foundation provides visual debugging of workflows.   

You can download several Windows Workflow Foundation samples from:  http://www.WindowsWorkflow.net



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The Discussion

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    I have tried to do this project and I am getting the following error when I try and run it:
    SecurityException was unhandled
    That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers.
    Any ideas on what is causing it?

    Many thanks


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    I found the problem. I was using a shared drive locations (my profile stores "My Documents" on a network drive, even the offline version) and this was causing a problem.  When I created the project on a non remote directory (my D drive) there was no problems.

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