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    are these features really  in beta 2? im using it now and
    does not give very favorable results.. on my machine the test takes 2000 ms in ie8 b2,  300ms in chrome and ~300ms in ff3..
    im rooting for ie, but in this case it bites the dust..

    [scrolling performance for zoomed in pages is pretty bad too]
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    They probably filmed this ages ago before V8 and TraceMonkey were announced.
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    I'm getting 2031 on IE8b2 and 173 in Chrome.  There has to be something disabled.   I wonder if you could rip the guts out of SilverLight and stick it into IE?
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    Whats new for js in ie8? not nearly enough..

    Sorry guys but don't even dare talk about javascript when all you are saying is "well its better than ie7".. yea thats expected.. I know js perf isn't all that but seriously.. you cannot surely get excited you made it better.. when that better is still x5 slower or more than the rest..
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    um.. who [in the comments] is saying that? Smiley maybe you ment the video but you replied to josh so im confused Perplexed

    anywho.. yeah if they could put the silverlight engine in ie that would blast the others away Smiley what was it? a 1000 times faster than the ie 6/7 implementation? they demoed it at mix last year but i dont remember the figures.. dev div rules anyway:P
    even if they did film this a year ago they still say the speed improvemnts are in beta 2.. surely there must be a mistake somewhere Smiley

    again, i like ie alot and the colored tabs are reason enough for me to use it (they are so darn useful i tells you) but still perf in b2 is not competitive at all..  i hope someone forgot to flip a debug switch Smiley
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    Yeah, IE bites the dust on JS perf... Chrome's V8 script engine seems to be extremly efficient. However, it still have to stand the test of time and massive real-world usage. Also, we have yet to see any developer tools for the engine.

    However, since the Chrome beta was released it has been my favorite browser even though it's missing a lot of feature such as dev tools, add-ons and just about anything else. The main reason for me to switch (from IE8b2) is pure performance... The browser start extremely fast compared to IE and the browsing experience is also a lot faster. The secondary reason I think I switched (and why I will stay with Chrome) is standards compliance... I know this is where IE8 is trying to do better but beta 2 is still far behind both FF3 and Chrome in the Acid tests, especially Acid3. The official MS response to Acid3 compliance is that it isn't a goal for IE8. I just don't think this is good enough when you consider that IE has a 1-2 year release cycle.

    Chrome is shaping up to be a real competitor for IE... And when you take Safari, Chrome and FF together, they might just be the all-round team of alternative browsers that will bring about a small revolution on the web and bring IE down from its dominant position.

    Don't get me wrong I'm rooting for IE... I'm a .NET developer and a usually a MS fanatic. But this time Chrome is doing the browsing job so much better that I just can't ignore it, as I did with FF2 and FF3.
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    I like Chrome but haven't made it my main browser because its Flash performance is poor; I can't even play a YouTube video without the video freezing up after ten seconds or so.  and Chrome's Silverlight performance is absolutely atrocious.

    And I do find it faster generally, particularly for Channel 9, but some pages take forever to load on Chrome while IE and FF load them quickly.  Not to mention that my scroll wheel doesn't work on Chrome, nor the scroll area of my laptop's touch pad (only works in the downard direction, and too fast at that).  If I close a Chrome window with multiple tabs, it doesn't even bother asking if I really want to close all the tabs; it just goes ahead and closes them all.  Chrome's bookmark functionality sucks.  (Photosynth plugin doesn't work either Tongue Out)  Yet, for all of its problems, I still enjoy using it because it feels so lightweight.  But polish is severely lacking.  It's performance isn't enough for the browser to stand on its own, it needs the "Google" name.  If a no-name company had put out this browser, nobody would pay any attention at all.

    As for ACID3, isn't that based on "standards" that are still in development and have yet to be finalized?  I recall a recent Opera beta that became the "first" browser to pass ACID3, then the next day a bug was found in the ACID3 test so it was tweaked, and suddenly that same Opera beta no longer passed.  In other words, Opera's deved coded against the test rather than the standards that ACID3 was supposed to stress.  Which means that Opera's ACID3 compliance proves nothing.  I suspect the same for the other browsers.  And Idon't put much weight on ACID3 until the things it tests against are actually finalized.  Before that, what's the point?
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    Escamillo, I totally agree... Chrome still needs work in a lot of areas to become as verstile as IE or FF. However for everyday browsing I think it is already beating both. I'm lucky since I haven't had the problems with flash you describe but Silverlight isn't working at all . Wink

    You might be right that the Google brand is a big reason for the "hype". However, I think if any company is able to compete with Microsoft, it's Google. That is also why I have extremely high expectations for the final version of Chrome. So time will tell if Google is able to deliver. Smiley
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    i think ie lead in terms of user numbers stems from the fact that its so enterprise friendly.. you can set policeies and config it much more easily in an enterprise environment than any other browser..

    i like chorme alot but it has some real privacy issues in terms of what google indexes imo.. i know ie doenst do that becase everyone keeps sucha close eye on everythng microsoft does. but with google.. no such luck.. also i wonder what kind of ad blocking features the world biggest online advertiser will add to its browser.. Smiley

    non ther less, its a great browser with many hidden but useful features Smiley i wonder where they got the idea so zoom pages by holding contol and scrollign the wheel Tongue Out

    again, im a microsoft fan but there are something that i just cant defend, ie8 perf beeing one of them..
    we need more info on this seriously. the market will not respond well to silence
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    Currently, the only reason we are an IE shop is for SharePoint compatability.   Most things work, but no all.  When SharePoint 14 replaces activex with silverlight, and if silverlight will run w/in FF or Chrome, IE will be on its way out.


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