Skins for WPF and Silverlight

Play Skins for WPF and Silverlight

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    Hi, nice video regarding cusotm skins, i found this website that they sell skins for WPF and Silverlight you can check it out at:

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    This is a great presentation by explaining what are template and style. The key is template is for child element and style is for parent elemetns. And you certainly can have template as part of your style. In addition, you can switch the style by simply by switch into different dictionary files. It is also great to know Blend is a great tool to creaet customized styples.

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    Cool, thanks for your comments. I too was quite confused about styles vs. templates when I first started working with the system. Blend makes it easy, but it also blurs the lines. For example, when you right-click on a button and choose to edit the template, Blend automatically creates a style with a template in it. This makes sense because templates are normally applied using styles and styles allow you to change attributes on the parent. But it isn't really clear why you said you wanted to edit a template and a style was created as well.

    Thanks for watching!

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    Excellent demo!  Could you please do more covering SilverLight. 

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    Thanks for the nice screencast. It clears up a lot of my confusions. I used to define everything in template because I am not really sure what other two are good for. Now I see why we want them separate and how to use the properly. Thank you.

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    Now that is how to deliver a clear presentation on a topic that nobody seems to be able to explain clearly with words. Thank you, sir.

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    hemant singh

    Very clear presentation and very helpful as well.

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    Excellent ! just what I was looking for.
    But I couldn't find the attached files...

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